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What is required to start advertising used trucks or trailers on


- You need to have an internet connection

- You need to have an e-mail address


How do I start using


- Fill out the form beneath and press save


- Instead, you may send an e-mail to with your information: business name, address, postal code, city, contact person phone number, e-mail, cellphone, and www-ADR. If you want a logo on your profile send the logo to The logo can be added later. You're welcome to call us at 70 250 350.


- When your profile has been set up, you will automatically receive an e-mail containing your username and password, you can then immediately log in. If you have any questions, contact us at 70 250 350.



How much does it cost to advertise on


Registering as a dealer costs kr. 399,-


The standard price is kr. 165,- for a truck or trailer on lastbilbasen for 30 days. If the truck or trailer has not been sold after the 30 days, a reorder will cost kr. 140,- for an additional 30 day period. The prices are excluding VAT.


If you have a large number of trucks/trailers you would like to advertise on lastbilbasen, then call us at 70 250 350, to make an individual agreement at a set monthly rate.


- There is also the possibility to integrate lastbilbasen with your existing website. Or we can make a finished solution for you including the production of a website. If you need a website then naturally we can do that as well. Do you have further requests? call us at 70 250 350, and we will make a solution suitable for you.


How do I remember when the 30 day period has passed?


An e-mail will arrive 5 days before your truck/trailer has been active for 30 days, reminding you of the expiration date. If left alone the ad will become inactive after 30 days, meaning the ad will not be visible on, but still exists in the system, until deleted.


How do I add images to my ads on


Simply attach an image to the ad, just like attaching an image to an e-mail. All PEG, JPG, and GIF formats are supported, do not concern yourself with the image size, the system will adjust it automatically.