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Semi trailer

Discover used semi-trailers matching your requirements

do you require a semi-trailer? At Lastbilbasen we present a great overview of the semi-trailers currently on sale. You can browse semi-trailers of all brands, and find a good deal. If you're interested, continue reading the sections below and learn how to find the perfect semi-trailer.


Focus your search and save time

Lastbilbasen works as other marketplace sites, where you can filter your search and skip results not matching your criteria. On our website, you are able to quickly discover semi-trailers that; match your set budget, is of the desired brand, has the correct axle, etc.. Setting your search filter early in your search saves you the time of looking through all the irrelevant semi-trailers.


Inspect the semi-trailer details and contact the dealer

After finding relevant semi-trailers, you can effectively inspect their details and ensure everything is as you need. Lastbilbasen presents all the details you need, such as; kilometers driven, build date, structural information, load capacity, etc.. In some cases a set price will be displayed as well, but regularly you will contact the dealer to further inquire. While contacting the dealer feel free to inquire additional information. Thus ensuring yourself the safest and best possible purchase.


Save money by purchasing a used semi-trailer

Perhaps you desire a brand new semi-trailer, that hasn't driven a single kilometer and is in pristine condition. But consider the amount of money saved by purchasing a used semi-trailer instead. Lastbilbasen assists you in finding the semi-trailers that are in the best possible condition, by providing you with the details you need and direct contact with the dealer. Ultimately you might purchase a semi-trailer, that is as good as new - or at least matching your expectations.

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